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Paws and Pups Breeding Policy

I take breeding very seriously, even though I am classed as a Hobby Breeder as it is not how I make my living. My Dogs are my life and it is of the utmost importance to me that they are are health, happy, loved and cared for.


As for my Puppies they are placed in the homes most suitable to their needs weather they be high energy or laid back and chilled. I run an “Interest List” so it isn’t a waiting list that is first come first server. I vet each potential owner to see what they are looking for in a pup/dog and if i feel i have a puppy that suits then you are the person who becomes that puppies forever loving family.


Here are the breeding terms I follow and advise people to look for when considering buying a puppy, when I don’t have any litters available. I hope you find the contents interesting and helpful.


Here are some points you may wish to consider when looking for a puppy, and these are all things I not only look for when buying a new pup for my pack but also when looking at a stud if I use one outside my pack.


It is also what I provide as advice for others buying when I don’t have a litter available and they cannot wait:


The parents should be:


HIP and Elbow scored

The sire should be haemophilia clear

Preferably, the dame should have been Herpes injected for a safe and healthy litter and obviously both dogs should be of general good health prior to mating.

In terms of linage, you are looking for no relationship between the male and female being bred – so 100% lined out

The breeders should make kc registration available for you to look at – even if they don’t own the sire, they should have access to a photocopy of the papers (if they tell you otherwise they are not being honest).

Also breeders should be checking for heredity epilepsy genes – although this does not mean puppies/dogs cannot end up with random epilepsy just like humans but you can check for heredity related so as not to breed into the puppy any avoidable conditions.


You may also want to ask after the health of the mother and pups if she has had a previous litter and if they all survived and where healthy and how she delivered – Breeders & vets must divulge to the Kennel Club if it was a section and if they haven’t, they are not following policy. You can check all this out with the KC as they should have a record of it you just need the mothers kennel name.


If the dame is not a maiden (she has had previous litters) then you look at when the last litter was born and when they where homed to determine how long she has been without pup.


The Kennel club require a year between each litter but in my opinion as a breeder like many other reputable breeders (and I do consider myself a good breeder and my pups are evidence of this and owners would recommend me, which goes a long way)  I feel the bitch should have a minimum of 14-16 months before being relined and possibly longer after a section or complications to allow her back to full strength and give the best chance of healthy pups – this is just my opinion obviously and other breeders may disagree for obvious reasons.


Lastly, where possible, you should meet both parents. In general, if the breeder doesn’t own the male they will organise him to be brought up when the pups are being homed and if you have any doubt you don’t need to take the pup.. his temperament can be an indication of your own puppies temperament.


In terms of the mother it is advisable to meet her before she is bred (in pup) as this can change her temperament for the better or worse so if you meet her before you get a true indication of her temperament, which is very important to your own puppy so you know what you could end up with…


Anyway I wont bore you any further … But please do not hesitate to contact me for further guidance or to register inters in any of my litters.


If you would like to visit any of the clubs or our training centre  (view locations).


I do hope you find all this information helpful – these are all rules I buy and breed by but I am very particular and strict so I produce the healthiest and trainable puppy possible that way they stay in their homes and are loved forever.


Thanks for taking the time to contact me and read this - I probably sound nuts :)!

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