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Dog Boarding, Breeding and Training in Lanarkshire

We breed beautiful German Shepherd dogs and offer kennel/home boarding, dog training, fun agility, socialisation and behaviour conditioning classes and so much more to all ages and breeds of dogs. 


Here is whats on offer for the start of 2020:-

We run weekly puppy training classes for all breeds, sizes and levels so there is always something to suit everyone.

We offer various sessions on dog management such as Funagility, Two dog training, Dog Socilisation sessions, K9 First Aid, K9 Nutrition, K9 Health & Exercise, grooming and the Dangerous Dogs Act how it impacts dog owner and what you need to know.

Our training sessions start at £6 for members.


We have so much going on and loads of other activities available so please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

watch out on Facebook Paws and Pups Lanarkshire Community Dog Management or Facbook Pawsandpups Boarding for further details of dates and times.

For more info or to book please contact me


We ❤ Dogs

Welcome to Paws & Pups – learn all about our beautiful German Shepherd dogs and forthcoming litters. We also have information on our state of the art dog boarding facilities and dog training / obedience classes we offer in Lanarkshire.


You may also want to browse our pet supplies shop.


New litter of German Shepherd Dogs (GSDs) are bred annually – we have a section of our website dedicated to our forthcoming arrivals – everyone loves to see our puppies!


Feel free to get in touch if you would like to hear more about our pups, boarding facilities, training or doggie related services.

Glowing Testimonials

“I now have the most sociable and laid back German Shepherd anyone could wish for.”


“Lubo and I have been attending classes since he was 10 weeks old and the mention of the word school has him jumping up and heading for the car. He just loves to go to training. Margaret is exceptional, always having time to answer any concerns and going the extra mile to help you and your dog. She has a huge amount of knowledge and has helped me on so many occasions. Lubo is 2 now and looking forward to his next term! Paws and Pups was the best decision I could have made for my dog and I.” – NormaMck

We’re both having fun training our GSD pup Breesha with lots of help from Margaret and her team. Margaret is so generous with her time making sure we stay on the right track. She keeps us on our toes.

Bernadette McGowan

Our gorgeous GSD Faolan was bred by Margaret & Megan, and from the very beginning they have been absolutely invaluable to us. I can’t explain how much I appreciate all their hard work and dedication. Training is great and is very effective, everyone’s always commenting on how well behaved Faolan is! Could not recommend more. Thank you Margaret & Megan for bringing our amazing boy into our life’s and helping us every step of the way!!

Amazing – so insightful and helpful with our two not so little dogs – and a huge amount of patience and understanding :) can’t recommend them enough!!!

Jamie Hughes

Jakki Paterson

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